Activate your network to work on climate

Kickstart a career in climate for the most talented people from your network. Sponsor one Terra.do fellowshipand we'll match it.

Who is Terra.do?

Terra.do is a leading climate education and career transition platform with the mission to get 100M people working on climate in this decade. 


Our fellowships have been taken by accomplished professionals from leading organizations like Google, The Economist and Techstars. We host climate job fairs, networking huddles with mentors, and more—all with the goal of getting talented people to work on climate. 

What am I sponsoring?

One fellow for our flagship program, Climate Change: Learning for Action, for $1,500. The next cohort for the fellowship starts on January 24, 2022.


It is a 12-week/100-hour overview of the entire climate landscape including the science, the impacts, and solutions in mitigation, adaptation and carbon capture. The objective is for skilled individuals to transition their career to climate solutions that best suits their skillset and passion.

How sponsorship works


Commit to sponsoring

Why? It’s a powerful endorsement to activate climate action from your network.  


Tell your network

Post it on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Substack, and tell them to mention your name in their application!


We select 2 fellows

We’ll choose the two best applicants to sponsor – one for each of us, doubling the impact you make.

You choose your involvement. Active as a mentor or passive as a champion—it’s entirely up to you. 

Sponsoring amplifies your contribution towards climate action

Activating your network to work on climate change is the most exponentially impactful thing you can do, and this sponsorship is a great, quick way to get the ball rolling. Your investment can even multiply when your fellow starts a climate company, as several Terra.do graduates do today. 

Anjali Bansal

Anjali Bansal

Founder, Avaana Capital

Jeff Rinehart

Jeff Rinehart

Partner, City Light VC

Nithin Kamath

Nithin Kamath

Founder, Rainmatter Foundation

Emmanuel Schalit

Emmanuel Schalit

Former CEO, Dashlane

Faith Van De Putte & David Bill

Faith Van De Putte & David Bill

Proprieters, Midnight’s Farm

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What happens next:

Why work with us?

Our climate learning is centered around action. Over 50% of tracked fellows transition their career to climate within six months of graduation.

"I am ecstatic about my new climate job opportunity— truly a dream job for me that I could not have gotten without Terra.do!"
Alyssa Dizon
Growth Product Manager, Blocpower, USA
"From engaging class content featuring the latest climate science, to world-class guest lectures and fascinating discussions with teachers and peers, I'm really enjoying Terra.do"
Benjamin Bolton
Sustainability Manager, Cotswold Fayre, UK

Multiply the impact you have on solving climate change

Join us in activating skilled individuals and empowering them to work on climate.

Have questions?

How do I know you're choosing the right people to sponsor?

We vet each and every applicant to ensure that only people with clear climate intent and a track record of action accepted into each cohort. If you’re interested, we’re happy to run sponsorship applicants by you as well – but it’s not necessary.

How involved do I have to be?

There is no set expectation. You can stay hands-off and let us do the rest once the applications come in. On the other hand, if you have experience working in climate tech or other climate-related fields and want to share your insights and mentorship, we’ll be more than happy to arrange appropriate engagement opportunities.

I care about climate but am not an expert myself…

That is perfectly alright. The goal is to activate your talented network to get sufficiently smart on climate to get working on it, which is our job!

Can I sponsor more than one person?

Absolutely. Let us know, and let’s chat about how you can get more involved.

Can I sponsor on behalf of my organization/company?

Yes – any individual, organization, or business can sponsor fellows. If you are interested in further opportunities for us to work together, talk to us.

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