Help people move into climate

Set someone on the path towards climate action through a simple conversation

What is #OpenDoorClimate?

Daniel Hill created the #OpenDoorClimate movement in 2022. Inspired by this, we sought to amplify its impact within our ecosystem. We’re inviting individuals to open their doors to connect with community members looking to move to climate.

Multiply your impact

Offer advice, answer questions and share resources to enable more individuals to leverage their skills to address climate change

Empower tomorrow’s climate workforce

Provide individuals with the confidence needed to make the transition to climate work

Broaden your climate network

Meet people from every industry, function, and seniority level in our community

Join a community of accomplished professionals

From early- and mid-career professionals to industry experts, we want to get 100 million people working in climate. Coming together for #OpenDoorClimate amplifies our single purpose: to help people move into the climate workspace.

Is this a good fit for you?

We're looking for individuals of all backgrounds who want to use their experience to help others work on climate.

Committed to climate

You’re transitioning to or are already working in the climate space. Doesn't matter if it's been 2 months or 20 years.

Desire to engage

You're open to sharing insights from your climate journey and offering direction to other climate enthusiasts.

Sufficient time

You have sufficient time (30-60 minutes/week) to host conversations.

How this works

Once you’ve signed up as a host, you will be prompted to create a profile. This will be visible to all members of the Terra.do platform who are keen to connect with you and learn more about transitioning to climate work.

Sign up

Take the first step to becoming an #OpenDoorClimate host.

Fill out your profile

The richer the details, the better.

Update your Calendly

Community members will find time on your calendar to chat.

Host conversations

Just a 15 min chat can make all the difference.

Frequently asked questions

Kickstart your climate action journey

Build your career with our community of hiring managers, professionals, and educators working on climate change.