January 2022

The State of Climate Action

The comprehensive report on climate action across critical battlefronts in our fight against climate change.

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The facts that matter on climate action

Get a comprehensive picture on climate action as it is happening today – all facts, no fluff.

Movements across critical battlefronts

Understand what is being done by employees, jobseekers, entrepreneurs, and more.

Insightful, digestable and relatable

Insightful, relatable narrative that you can use to drive your own action.

What is the State of Climate Action report?

A periodically updated multi-chapter publication rich in information and insights related to the most critical battlefronts against climate change.

Chapter One

Preamble — the past year in review

The first chapter covers major happenings in the climate action arena in the past year. We cover the UN IPCC report and the Glasgow COP26 event, dig into some significant data on climate change, and also touch upon how we talk about climate today and why that matters.

From the chapter: A look at developed nations carbon emissions contribution

1. Understanding IPCC Report 2021

We dig into the most important findings in the UN IPCC 2021 report. Our digestible summary will give you a clear and succinct view of what the scientific community is saying.

2. Another of Earth's hottest years

A close look at how the earth is heating and its effects today. We look at the statistics, causes, and impacts of what is inarguably the hottest period in human history.

3. COP26: a critical summit

A look at the important takeaways from the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP26, that happened in Glasgow, with a review of the debates that occurred.

4. Talking about climate change

How we talk about climate is critical to how earnest our actions are. We look at the language and public opinion on key climate change phrases and why they are so important.

Snapshots of climate change

Throughout the chapter, we share snapshots of the impact of climate change on the world around us. 

Climate activists gather during a ‘Fridays for Future’ protest in Milan, Italy. swissinfo.ch

25 million acres of land have burned in Australia’s bush fires in 2021.Tracey Nearmy/Reuters

Ioane Teitiota, the man who made it clear that there were “climate refugees”

A dry Hensley Lake in Madera, Calif., on Wednesday. David Swanson/Reuters

Upcoming chapters

As the preamble demonstrates, the State of Climate Action today needs a tremendous amount of work. But looking through a lens of optimism, there is also tremendous great work to highlight. Here’s what will follow:

Climate action in public policy

What the world’s governments are doing to fight climate change — from commitments towards green energy to incentives on clean tech and everything in between.

Climate education and employment

We cover the major push from newcomers to climate to learn about the vast corners of climate change and shift their careers towards climate solutions. 

Climate entrepreneurship

We uncover the exciting world of startups and venture investment in climate, which is booming and filling in the gaps on commercializing new tech.

Corporate climate action

We analyze the current state around ESG, corporate sustainability, value chain evolutionary trends, and different reporting and financial strategies. 

Climate action in media

Public opinion towards climate change is rapidly changing partly because mainstream media and arts are addressing the situation. We dig in to understand how.

Climate action in emerging economies

We take a deep look at how emerging and developing economies differ in their approach towards fighting climate change compared to wealthy nations.

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