Report: State of Career Change from Oil and Gas

What does the career transition landscape from O&G to renewable energy look like today? Where are the opportunities and what do you need to know and learn in order to transition successfully?

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In this report, we dive deep into the problem and cite tangible data and narratives around the solutions.


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An in-depth study on all things related to the state of transitioning careers from Oil&Gas to clean energy. Complete with curated reports and independent studies by Terra.do


State of Oil&Gas Employment

The O&G industry is in a “great compression” where opportunities to maneuver around existing employment verticals are reduced.

Impact on salaries in O&G

Professionals in the oil and gas sector are reporting a reduction in pay and for one in four professionals, this pay cut is very substantial.

The Great Transition

Terra.do asked: What is the current state of mind among upstream O&G professionals regarding making a switch to renewable energy?

Where are the obstacles?

What are the reasons why more upstream professionals are not yet transitioning into a career in clean energy sectors?

What does transitioning take?

Terra.do analysed over 850 upstream and mid-career individuals who successfully transitioned from a previous O&G job to renewables.

How to make the transition?

The key steps to take today so you can make a successful transition into renewable sectors. What you need to learn and how you build a network.

Get your bearings right for a successful careers transition.

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Energy Transition for Oil and Gas Professionals

Build a new career amidst the rising tide of renewables, digitization, and energy innovation

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