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“Hundreds of miles to the northwest, as far as you can go in the continental US without entering Canada, sits Lopez Island, home of Midnight’s Farm. This course commenced after the first fall rains, with harvest season in full swing…Read about stories from farms making a difference around the world

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Three locations and whole lot of experiences and learning.

The Climate Farm School is a 4-week program both online and getting your hands dirty on a working farm. Learn about the climate impact of and solutions within food systems. For tech and business folks, entrepreneurs, farmers, sustainability professionals, and others passionate about food and climate.

Green Valley Farm + Mill

Sebastopol, California, United States​

Green Valley Farm + Mill is an 100 + acre property located 20-minutes from downtown Sebastopol. Its footprint comprises the majority of the headwaters of Green Valley Creek and a large part of what is considered the Green Valley.

Tenuta di Spannocchia

Siena, Tuscany, Italy

Located on a nature reserve in the hills of Tuscany, this 1100- acre organic farm hosts guests like scholars, artists, musicians and environmentalists to experience the stunning natural setting and support their conservation efforts.

Midnight's Farm

Lopez Island, Washington, United States

You enter a working farm and community when you visit Midnight’s Farm. There are three families that live on the farm and often interns living here as well. Midnight’s Farm works through the year on sustainability projects with the local community.

Why "Mycelium"?

my·ce·li·um /mīˈsēlēəm/ — noun
the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a network of fine white filaments (hyphae).

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We call this newsletter “Mycelium” after the subterranean network of fungal roots systems that build healthy soil, with interconnected fruiting bodies popping up where the right conditions allow.

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