Corporate Sustainability

The urgent journey to net zero announced by a growing chorus of companies: why it's needed, why it's hard, what it takes, and how you can get started.

What's inside?

In this class, we explore the incredibly complex challenge faced by large corporations in getting their carbon emissions to net zero, and also look at a broader understanding of what sustainability really means for a company.

What you will learn

Drivers of corporate sustainability

Beyond just physical and transition risk: talent, culture, compliance, and other factors that drive the need for corporate sustainability. 

Going beyond emissions and net zero

Regenerative models such as Circular Economy, Doughnut Economics, and Permaculture

Lifecycle analysis and Scope 3 emissions

The actual emissions footprint of an organization, and the real challenge: Scope 3 i.e. value chain emissions

Effective sustainability strategies

Setting targets, building incentive structures, creating transparency, and organizing your company

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Class content

Where we are now: the current state of corporate sustainability

Physical and transition risks; and specifically for companies, talent, culture, compliance, and customer risks

Calculation and classification of emissions along the value chain; major components; case studies; ecosystem of players 

Regenerative models; Circular Economy spotlight; case studies in the fashion industry

How best-in-class companies are becoming sustainable and influencing the industry; tips for success   

Corporations are key stakeholders in climate change

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Corporate Sustainability Leadership

A 6-week deep dive on sustainability strategies, implementation frameworks, organizational reporting and impact assessment.

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