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Climate Career Accelerator

Design and execute your most effective job search ever and land your perfect climate job. This 4-week cohort-based program starts May 8.

Applications close on May 1, 2023

The accelerator experience

Proven process

Weekly mastermind calls

Personal attention


Course schedule

Check out a detailed syllabus with a week-by-week outline below.

Week One

Start your job search by going inwards through self-reflection activities to define your needs, goals, and interests. This will build your foundation for your job search, which you will continue to develop throughout this course.

  • The Opportunity of Climate Jobs
  • Identifying Your Dependable Strengths
Week Two

Research & identify potential opportunities that align with your needs, goals, and interests using frameworks & resources provided in the course.

  • Understanding the Climate Careers Landscape
  • Pulling it All Together & Creating Your Vision
Week Three

Design, write, and polish your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn to optimize them for a successful job search.

  • Compiling the Story You Want to Tell
  • Mapping Your Network
Week Four

Activate your connections, develop a plan of action for your job search, and start applying to jobs strategically.

  • Engaging and Activating Your Network
  • Getting Tactical With Your Job Search

Your climate career awaits

Several thousand alumni from programs and our platform have landed climate jobs in every imaginable sector and function.


Director of Product at Blocpower, previously at Sidewalk Labs.

Accounting Manager, Green Energy, previously at Chevron.
Operations and Strategy Manager at Arcadia, previously at Disney Media.
Isis Dallis (USA)

Executive Director at Climate Nexus, previously at Matter Unlimited.

Amanda Suter Gallardo (USA)
Deputy Petroleum Administrator at City of Los Angeles, formerly at Cholla Petroleum Inc.
Rowan Whalen (USA)

Development Associate at Climate Vault, formerly at Urbanspace.

Nabeela Merchant (Canada)

Principal at TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good, formerly at Relay Ventures.

Clare Boersch (Germany)

Senior Social Media and Campaigns Manager at Plan A, formerly self-employed.

Our fellows say it best...

Carolyn Zelikow (Croatia)

This course is 1000x better than what I’ve experienced in business school, undergrad, and other university career programs.

Catherine New (USA)

The Climate Career Accelerator is strategic, data-driven, and specific - what more do you want for a competitive job market and getting to where you want to go? Peer feedback and support were terrific. It all adds to the A+ experience of

Anisha Sagar (USA)

As with everything does, there was so much 'heart' in the Climate Career Accelerator . When making a change into a climate job, is not just showing me a pathway to jobs, they're introducing me to a whole new ecosystem. And that is powerful. I wish this course existed a year ago when I graduated.

Evgenia (Zhenya) Kyanova (UK)

The Climate Career Accelerator helps you discover your passion, best fit, and gives you the confidence to get there. Learning with like-minded fellows from all over the world is a real bonus! It's a no brainer - it gives structure and inspiration for your shiny new climate job search!

Unmatched faculty with industry expertise

Radhika Bhatt

Course instructor & Climate career coach

Radhika Bhatt is a career coach and has worked at the nexus of government, technology, climate and design for the last 7 years. Radhika has coached hundreds of people through career transitions into tech and climate and founded Saathe Studio, which integrates human-centred design practices into a range of consulting services. Prior to this, Radhika held the Partnerships Director role for the Board of Directors for AIGA DC and worked as Deputy Director for The Opportunity Project Accelerator program in the U.S. Census Bureau. Radhika is dedicated to helping people find balance, connection to nature, and meaningful careers and does so using systems-thinking frameworks and holistic coaching practices.


Seth Collins

Head of Academic Programs

Seth Collins has advised and consulted for startups, research institutes, city governments, national governments, development banks, and large international corporations on all matters of sustainability, including strategy, impact measurement, and operations. He was a Pershing Square Scholar at the University of Oxford, where he completed a 1+1 MBA and MSc in Environmental Change & Management.

Seth’s passion is for empowering others to cultivate a more aware, aligned, and sustainable world for themselves, their communities, and their organizations. He is the co-author of The Character of Your Company: A Guide to Bring Work Back to Life.


Janet Matta

Head of Climate Careers

Helping people land in work that matters is my passion, and I have more than 12 years of experience jumpstarting new careers and supporting professionals in making career transitions. My experience supporting talent includes leading career services for the Information School at the University of Washington in Seattle, as Career Development Manager at the University of Technology Sydney, as a Career Consultant for SoFi, Career Services Lead for Springboard, and now Head of Careers at Prior to my work in Career Services I worked as an environmental consultant on oil spill response, and when I’m not working you can find me in the mountains with my family. is a perfect blend of my passion for the environment and for supporting people in doing work that matters.

Pricing and expected commitment

Intensive program

4-week accelerator to start your climate career.

Individual assistance

Personalized feedback & support from your instructor.

Focused groups

Each cohort consists of 25-50 people who meet live once a week.

100% Online

100% online, with instructors available via Zoom, Slack and email.

Who is this program for?

Anyone at any career level who is committed to working on climate and wants support to do their job search right.


You want to transition, but not sure where you belong in climate.


You’re applying to jobs but not getting interviews.


You have honed professional skills, but not sure how to translate them to climate roles.


You’re able to attend the 90-minute live sessions and set aside 8-12 hours per week to get the most out of this accelerator.


You’re a climate change skeptic or are indifferent to the climate crisis.

Frequently asked questions

Who will benefit most from this program?

Anyone who is committed to starting or transitioning into a career in climate, who wants to use their skills to work on climate solutions now.

What if I don't like the program? Can I get a refund?

Refunds will be approved on a case-by-case basis if you are unable to complete the course due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g.: medical issues). Contact your instructor if the need arises.

When do classes start, and will they fit my schedule?

All work is asynchronous except for the live mastermind call with the instructor & classmates, every Wednesday 9:00am – 10:30am PST, in order to accommodate most timezones. The schedule is as follows:

Saturday – Tuesdays: Asynchronous class material released, review materials & tasks for the week.

Wednesdays: Live Mastermind call with instructor & classmates, 9:00am – 10:30am PST.

Thursdays & Fridays: Catch up on recordings & tasks for that week; time to review & complete action items.

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