Live Open House: Climate Change - Learning for Action

Join Terra.do alumni, and our Course Director to learn about the Climate Change Learning for Action 12-Week Bootcamp.

About the event

A live Q ‘n’ A event around our Learning for Action course. Discover what it is, why this might be the right thing for you, and get answers to your questions straight from Terra.do alumni and the Learning for Action Course Director, Dr. Liam Hardy.


This is a great opportunity for new learners to see how our unique program works, ask questions directly to the program director, our co-founder and the most recent graduates of the course. It doesn’t get any more up, close and personal.


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About the speakers

Ex-astrophysicist turned data analyst turned climate educator. Interested in systemic change for climate and social justice. From Sheffield, UK. Liam is keen on cycling up hills and hiking over mountains.

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