Climate Campaigning and Activism: Keynote talk with Kimiko Hirata

Hear from Dr. Kimiko Hirata, 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize winner, and Founder of Climate Integrate.

About the event

Hear from Dr. Kimiko Hirata, 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize winner, and Founder of Climate Integrate. Lean about about her work campaigning against coal expansion in Japan, where NGO power is typically very limited.


This virtual keynote has been opened to the public and will be the first guest lecture for the March cohort of Terra.do’s core course “Climate Change: Learning for Action”, a 12-week bootcamp covering an extensive syllabus on climate, and providing a great springboard for climate action. Current “Learning for Action” fellows do not need to register for this event.

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About the speaker

Dr. Kikimo Hirata
Dr. Kikimo Hirata

Executive Director & Founder, Climate Itegrate

Dr. Kimiko Hirata is the Executive Director of Climate Integrate, an NGO she launched with the aim of supporting decarbonisation efforts in Japan and abroad. 


Kimiko worked as the International Director at the Japanese non-profit Kiko Network from its establishment in 1998 until 2021. While there, Kimiko spearheaded climate policy and advocacy efforts and attended most of the annual international climate conferences.


Concerned about a new boom in coal power plant construction in Japan following the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, she launched a multipronged campaign to fight coal, which culminated in the cancellation of 17 planned coal plants to date. 


She was also successful in gaining support from shareholders for Japan’s first-ever climate shareholder resolutions targeting Japanese banks. For all her efforts, Kimiko was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2021.

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