Every job is a climate job

Listen to Jamie Alexander (Founding Director of Drawdown Labs at Project Drawdown) talk about how to kickstart climate action in your organization.

About the event

Of the 3 billion employees worldwide today, a vanishingly small percentage have the words “sustainability” or “climate” in their job title, and they are far from the only people that need to be working on addressing climate change now.

To help the rest of us figure out how to contribute, Drawdown Labs just published Climate Solutions at Work — a how-to guide for employees looking to make every job a climate job. The guide mentions specific job functions (e.g., marketing, human resources, government affairs, etc.) that have enormous untapped potential to drive climate action. It also helps employees assess the strength of their company’s steps to address the climate crisis, and how they can utilize their power to push their company.

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About the speaker

Jamie Beck Alexander is a solutions-oriented corporate climate advocate, coalition builder, and founding director of Drawdown Labs.

Jamie joined the Project Drawdown team from Ceres, where she led corporate engagement on the west coast, working with companies to set ambitious emission reduction targets and leveraging their influence in support of strong climate and clean energy policies. 

At Ceres, she launched a public-private partnership with the City of San Francisco and Bay Area companies to identify and deploy collaborative solutions to decarbonize the transportation sector.

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