Connect, engage and hire the world's top climate talent for your business.

Leverage the world's most engaged community of professionals driven to work on climate.

Hire for your immediate roles, build a network of talented individuals interested in your business and pitch your opportunities to skilled professional talent vetted for climate industry interest, commitment, and experience.

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Get in front of thousands of vetted professionals committed to work in climate.

Each week our partners receive The List: 5 – 10 candidates vetted for their interest, experience, and readiness to hire matched to your open roles. We’ve got you covered for all of your business hiring—you have unlimited access to directly contact candidates via the platform while they are on the List. 

Then, increase your company brand and share your climate solution on the platform through monthly huddles, job fairs, and AMAs. will actively promote your events to users that have indicated interest in you or your climate sector.

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We have helped hundreds of professionals transition into climate work, helping find impactful careers in some of the most innovate climate companies out there.

How the Terra Employer Program works

Your partnership helps be able to offer excellent job and project opportunities to our community who will learn from your work in the space, and ultimately go on to do great work in your company. 

Post jobs and participate in all future job fairs

Post your jobs to the community job board and email newsletter, send to specific audiences based on your needs. Get exclusive access to our job fairs before they are made available to the public.

Get access to a vetted list of climate talent

Receive a curated list of qualified talent vetted for experience, commitment to climate, and a readiness to engage. Save hours in candidate sourcing. 

Engage through fireside chats and hosted huddles

Host live events and invite the Terra community as well as the larger public to join in, engage and connect with your business. Build 1:1 relationships with the talent you want to attract.

Create and share project-based opportunities

Submit your project opportunities for our Fellows to work on during or after their courses. Get dedicated support from our learning and careers team to supervise our Fellows’ work on your projects.

Get your brand in front of people who can make a difference

Reach a highly engaged audience of climate action makers by getting your brand’s content through our blog, newsletters, social accounts and community story forums.

Participate in our quarterly Climate Employer Round Table

Be an active participant in our quarterly quarterly Climate Employer Round Table that discusses up coming Terra course development and distribution so you can get talents trained to your needs.


50+ interviews and 1,000+ job seekers matched with employers

Employer participation in our job fairs consistently generate 50+ interviews and give employers access to over 1,000 Terra members — all people committed to dedicating their career to climate action. 

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Get access to the employer partnership program free for your first 3 months if you register now.

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