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How it works

Designed for climate tech startups and organizations to get great hires done fast.

Weekly talent drops

Curated lists of tech and business professionals hand-selected for depth of skills, relevant experience, and a raised hand to work in climate tech.

Monthly job fairs

Live, virtual, and hyper-productive hiring events hosted and promoted by Terra.do, designed for you to walk away with dozens of promising candidate conversations.

Always-on engagement

Huddles, AMAs, and more on the Terra.do app as often as you want. Explain why your company and climate solution matters and find your next rockstar hire in the process.

Vetted talent drops

A weekly list of handpicked talent, delivered straight to your inbox, featuring candidates that meet a high bar and are ready to engage:

Hyper-productive job fairs

Hiring events attended by top in-market talent. Identify promising candidates beforehand and engage with them before, during, and after your company presentation. 

Job seekers

Upcoming job fairs

July 20 | India Climate Tech

Featuring the who's who of the Indian climate tech ecosystem

July TBA | NA & EU Climate Tech

For Terra.do employer partners from North America and Europe

Build your employer brand

Evangelize your climate solution and position your company as the best place to make it real. We’ll promote it to the right cross-section of Terra.do users. 

Huddle with talent

Cultivate talent by hosting intimate conversations about the unique benefits and workplace culture of your company.

Host AMAs

Demonstrate leadership by demystifying the technology behind your climate solution and educating talent in your area of expertise.

Engage directly

Find the perfect talent using our rich profiles and DM them to get a conversation started.


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